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Guest information, service and rules

Dear Guests,


the family Härer and the team from our Garni – hotel „Unsere Stadtvilla“ say Welcome We are gladly there for you and we would like to provide the best possible service for you so that your stay here can be pleasant and restful, no matter if you are here for holidays or for a business trip. We wish you very nice days in our city Hechingen which is surrounded by a beautiful landscape including the Burg Hohenzollern and the Swabian Alps. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask our reception. We are always there for you and we would like to help you where we possibly can. For a better orientation in our Stadtvilla you will receive all the information in the following. Here, you are staying at an extravagant restored and historic mansion which was built in 1899. We put much effort in creating and designing this unique building and so we hope that you can enjoy your stay here.



Statet hours:


Reception: you can contact us constantly between 6.00 am and 20.00 pm,

temporarily only by phone 07471 9331160


Reception core time:


monday to friday 6.00 – 12.30 and 16.30 – 18.30

weekends and holidays 7.00 – 12.30 and 16.30 – 18.30


Breakfast times:


monday to friday 7.00 – 09.30

weekends and holidays 8.00 – 10.30


Check In 16.30 – 18.30 or upon consultation


Check Out until 11.00am, on workdays until 10.30


Late Check In/Out can be managed upon consultation




House Rules And Service Guideline A - Z


The following house rules and our service guideline a-z is an assistance for you and will also show up some rules. We hope for your understanding and that the rules will be appreciated.House Rules And Service Guideline A - Z ...


Allergy sufferer:


Please inform us if you are dependent on specific nourishments.




We are gladly there for you to help you with your appointments during your stay here, e.g. doctors appointments, massage appointments, beauty appointments or any other activities.


Additional blankets:


There are additional blankets in each wardrobe. If you need further blankets, please inform our reception.


Additional pillows:


If you need an additional pillow, please inform our reception.




You are very welcome to enjoy a drink from our bar at the foyer on the ground-floor. You can either pay your drinks in the provided box or you can inform us about your consumption at the reception. We already want to thank you for your sincerity.




If you wish to have another bedcover or blanket in your bed please inform our reception.


Bedding change:


You wish for a daily change of your beddings? Please inform us. You will get a daily change for 10 euros a day.


Bicycle hire:


At the moment, we do not have our own hiring service. However, we can offer you a bicycle which you can rent for free. You are welcome to use this bicycle at your own risk. For your own safety, please check the bycicle´s condition and the air pressure of the tires beforehand.




You will get a rich breakfast in our guest room near the reception from 07:00 am to 09:30 am, on week-ends and holidays from 08:00 am to 10:30 am.


Cleaning and Ironing:


Please do not wash your laundry in the bathroom or in the kitchen. We can wash your laundry here which will be charged with 7 euros. The laundry can also be dried for you, again for 7 euros. Please make use of the laundry bags in your wardrobe. If you want us to wash your laundry, please make a note on the laundry bag saying how you want us to wash your laundry. If you hand in your laundry bag before 09:00am on workdays, you will get it back at 06:00pm that day. On weekends or holidays we will take care of your laundry if you request. The hotel does not take the responsibility for shrinked or colored clothes.


Check in Check out:


Also mentioned in: stated hours


Credit Cards:


We accept Maestro, VISA and MASTERCARD as well as EC cards (ATM cards).




It may happen that something will become damaged unintentionally. In this case, we would be very glad if you could inform us about the damage. The guest is responsible for any damages or contamination and has to take over the replacement costs. Thievery and damage to property will be reported to the police immediately.


Departure day:


On the day of your departure we kindly ask you to leave the room before 11:00 am and to submit your room key at the reception.




You will get information about all doctors in and around Hechingen at the reception. You can also have a look at the „Stadtspiegel”, there you will find information about the emergency service at night or on week-ends. If you do not feel well, please inform the reception immediately.




You can enjoy the bottle of water in your room for free. Other drinks can be ordered at our reception or you can serve yourself at the bar in our foyer.


Dry cleaning:


Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a dry cleaning store in or around the city Hechingen yet.


Duty of care:


Windows and roof windows have to be closed before leaving the apartments or rooms to avoid damages through severe weather..




You will find several brochures about upcoming events in and around Hechingen in our foyer. Additionally, you can get further information at our reception.




In your room, please do not cook with gas cookers and do not light candles or other fuels as this can be very dangerous. In case of emergency, please follow the escape route labeling.


Free time:


In the foyer you can find different flyers and brochures containing information about Hechingen. There you will find many proposals and tips for events. All the other information is available at our reception, please don´t hesitate to ask us.


Front doors:


If you enter the house after 08:00 pm, please wait until the front doors have closed completely. Please do not lock the front doors with your key.


Front door keys:


You can open both front doors with your room key. Please do not hand in your key to someone else. If the key gets lost, the guest has to take the responsibility for the loss and its replacement. This has to be charged with 520 Euros.




There are different games in each of the Suites (6,7,8). Additionally, you can get a collection of games at our reception.




We are obliged to seperate the trash. We would be very glad if you would support us in doing so. If you have any questions on that, please do not hesitate to ask. We are separating the domestic waste, the paper waste and the plastic waste. You can find all bins at our parking area.


General remarks:


Only through taking care of the apartments, rooms and and the furniture inside you can support us to provide a nice stay for you, now and in the future. Especially, we ask you to make use of the rack for shoes. The valuable floors in our rooms will become damaged when they constantly become wet. Hence, we would be very pleased if you would immediately dry off the floor when it becomes wet.If you should miss something in your room or apartment or if you need help with anything please do not hesitate to ask us. We are gladly there for you and we will do anything possible to provide a restful stay for you.


Hair dryer:


DThere is a hair dryer in every bathroom of the hotel.




Our modern heating system can be regulated to a certain limit and it works with a nocturnal fall of the heating. Please do not leave your windows open in your room while you are away.




mentioned in : toiletries


Indoor swimming pool:


These are the opening hours of our nice in-and outdoor swimming pool in Hechingen: Tuesday to Friday: 7.00 am to 09:00 pmSaturday/Sunday: 8.00 am to 06:00 pmThere is an activity afternoon for kids beginning at 02:00 pm on sundays, on fridays there is an aquafitness course beginning at 07:00 pm. On wednesdays there is the so-called „Warm-Water-Day“ where you can swim in warm water..


International adapter:


You can receive an international adapter at our reception.


Internet – Wifi:


NIn this house there is free Wifi everywhere. You can get the Wifi-code at our reception.


Iron and ironing board:


Please inform our reception if you need an iron and an ironing board. You can rent these appliances for free.


Ironing service:


Please inform our reception if you want your clothes to be ironed. The ironing service will be calculated depending on the time it takes to iron. ( 1 min = 50Cent )KeysYou can open your room as well as both front doors with the key. Please do not hand in your key to someone else. If the key gets lost, the guest has to take the responsibility for the loss and its replacement. This has to be charged with 520 euros.




in the SuitesPlease note that the dishes, the cutlery and the pots have to be washed. On your departure day, the kitchen has to be left in a clean condition. The dishes need to be washed at least once a day and a final cleaning of the kitchen is not included in our prices. We can clean the kitchen for you if you want, this will be charged with 30 Euros. Please let us know if you would like us to do the final cleaning of the kitchen for you.


Late Check Out:


If you did not wish to check out later, the normal check-out time is 10:30 am on workdays and 11:00 am on week-ends or holidays. If you want to check out after 11:00am, please inform us and we will check if this will be possible. If you then want to check out before 04:00pm, half of the room price will be charged. A check out after 04:00pm will be charged with the full room price of that day.


Luggage service:


We are there to help you carrying your luggage to your room or back in the car. Please ask us at the reception. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to store your luggage in our hotel after the check-out, please inform us if you would like so.




There is no minibar in the rooms. You are welcome to serve yourselfs at our minibar in the foyer.


Money and valuable objects:


IWe ask you not to leave your valuables such as money or jewelry open in your room or car. We want to draw attention to the fact that we cannot take the responsibility for your valuables. Additionally, the safe in your room protects from thievery, but it may not be sufficiently safe from criminal violence.


Newspaper and magazines:


You will find the current newspaper in the guestroom.


Non-smoking rooms:


Please do not smoke in the rooms. Also mentioned in: Smoking.


Parking place:


The parking place along our house and the parking area behind the house are all free to use. Please do not park in other places. The parking place before the house belongs to the cinema and will be used in the evenings particularly. Thank you for your understanding.


Pay - TV:


Unfortunately, Pay-TV is not available here..




Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets in our hotel.




If you turn left at the entrance in front of the hotel and then go right at the next street, you will reach the next pharmacy after 200 m on the left side of the road. You will get information about the opening hours (at night or on week-ends) of the pharmacy at the reception or in the „Stadtspiegel“ which you can find in our guest room.




Please let us know if you would like to have additional pillows or neck cushions.




There is a public playground near our hotel in the St. Luzen lane. If you want to go there, you have to pass the rail bridge. Then turn right and then left.


Möchten Sie morgens vor 06:00 Uhr abreisen, so bitten wir Sie, Ihre Rechnung bereits am Vortag zu bezahlen.




You can receive your post at the reception. If you have any post to send out, you can hand it in at the reception and we will send it out for you..




Our hotel is signed with 3 Stars according to the German Hotel-Classification. We do our best to stick to these standards and to fulfill the wishes of our guests. If you are not satisfied with our service, please inform us at the reception.




We are interested in your opinion.

Are you satisfied with your stay? What could we do better? We would be very glad if you could tell us your opinion so we can improve our concept. You can be sure that we will appreciate your opinion and that we will take it serious. Thank you very much..


Rack of shoes:


Please make use of the rack for shoes. The valuable floors in our rooms will become damaged when they constantly become wet. Hence, we would be very pleased if you would immediately dry off the wet floors. Also mentioned in: Damages.




You are able to find radio programs on the TV remote. If you want to switch from TV to radio, please push the button at the bottom left.




The information about our reception is listed below on the first page. If you wish to check out before 06:00am in the morning, please pay your bill the day before.




Are you searching for a good restaurant? We have several great restaurants near our hotel, just ask for information at the reception..




In each room, there is a safe in the wardrobe. There you will also find the instructions for using the safe. Please consider that we do not take the responsibility for your valuables. Additionally, the safe in your room protects from thievery, but it may not be sufficiently safe from criminal violence.


Shoe-cleaning service:


If you need a special cleaning of your shoes, please ask at the reception.


Shoe-cleaning utensils:


You will get all utensils at the reception.


Shuttle Service / Taxi:


Do you want to go to the train station or to another place or sight? We can call a taxi for you, please ask our reception.


Smoke detectors:


There is a smoke alarm in each of our rooms and in the foyer. If the alarm should set off, it can only be switched off by disconnecting the main detector.




Please do not smoke inside our hotel and do not smoke out of the windows as well. In general, we offer non-smoking rooms which means that the following guest has the right for a nicotine-free air. A disregard of this rule will be charged with 125 euros including the cost of a special cleaning (cleaning the curtains,… ). Please go outside if you want to smoke. You can find an ashtray at our terrace. In every room there are sensible smoke detectors.


Smoking area:


Please stick to our smoking ban. You will find an ashtray on the terrace. Thank you for

your understanding.




There are several places to do sports as well as gyms in and around Hechingen. Please ask our reception, we are gladly giving advices.




We own a modern SAT-receiver as well as new televisions. The television can receive the 19 saved senders. It can occur, that you will receive a program on another channel as at home. We would be glad if you didn´t change the channel settings..










Towel changes:


To protect our environment, please leave your towels on the floor if you want us to change them for you. Towels hanging on the holder tell us that you want to use them again.




Our phone number is 07471 9331160. In urgent matters, Mr Härer will be available on 01773306323. You can rent a mobile phone during your stay, please ask our reception. We will charge the costs and we will take a deposit which you will get back after you used the mobile phone.




If you forgot your razor, a tooth brush or any other toiletries at home, just ask our reception. We storage several of these articles for you to buy.




You can rent one of the umbrellas in the foyer. Please inform us, if you take one and please bring them back when you do not need them anymore. We would be glad if you did not store the wet umbrella in your room. If you will not bring back the umbrella, we will charge that with 15 euros. Thank you for your understanding.




Please consider that we do not take the responsibility for your valuables and luggage. Additionally, the safe in your room protects from thievery, but it may not be sufficiently safe from criminal violence.




If you wish, our reception is able to wake you in the morning from 06:00am.



We hope that we you will enjoy a pleasant, stress-free, and relaxing stay here. There are many things to discover. For any information, please ask our reception. We are gladly there for you. We regard your booking as an appreciation for our house rules.



The Hotel Management



 In unserer Nähe finden Sie:


• Radweg, 1 Minute Gehweg

• Kino, Kegeln, Restaurant, 1 Minute Gehweg

• Bahnhof, 7 Minute Gehweg

• Einkaufen, 4 Minute Gehweg

• Apotheke, 4 Minute Gehweg

• Ärzte, 5 Minute Gehweg


  • 1 Das Erste HD

  • 2 ZDF HD

  • 3 SWR BW HD

  • 5 SAT1

  • 6 Pro Sieben

  • 7 VOX


  • 8 Kabel eins

  • 9 arte HD

  • 10 Sport 1

  • 11 DMAX

  • 12 n-tv 

  • 13 N24


  • 14 EinsFestival HD   

  • 15 RTL   

  • 16 Super RTL   

  • 17 KIKA HD

  • 18 Nickelodeon   

  • 24 RTL Television

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